Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dressing The Part...2

as i left off in my last blog post, i had a few favorite dresses clanging around in my brain. i liked them, certainly, and still think about them. but i didn't LOVE them then, and i don't wish they were mine now.

one was a truly light-as-air, strapless, taffetta vera wang. it was hands down, THE most comfortable bridal gown that i tried on (including my own) in the whole process. it was like
wearing your favorite pajamas. but part of its comfort came from a simplicity that bordered on looking plain. plus, i didn't want strapless. hmm.

the second runner up was a beaded a-line dress with sheer, beaded cap sleeves that tied behind the neck with a beaded string-thing that would trial down the open back. very pretty. but unlike my comfy cozy vera wang, the beaded tie was itchy, itchy, itchy. which sounds silly, but the wedding is in august. and its gonna be HOT. so me + hot + sweaty + itchy = some kind of bitch creature that mister does not want to marry.

my dresss...is...my dress. it is perfect for me. it is...well. at the risk of being a complete tease, i am hesitant to share any more.

i will share this snippet of the back of my gown...

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