Friday, July 24, 2009

Flowers & Family

flowers were one thing that i hadn't, honestly, given much thought to before the wedding.

i'd though about my dress, the church whose aisle i would walk down, and so on.

but when i pictured the the dress, walking down the aisle, i picture my hand holding...a blank, shapeless, faceless bouquet.

where is this story going?

mister's mother is a florist.

she has a small floral business. that does weddings.

when the planning began, we all deluded ourselves to think that there is no way she would want to be burdened with the traditional floral duties on the day (day before, week of, month of...) her son's wedding.

i even visited another florist, and was quoted an astronomical price for flowers.

turning to her, she offered to just do my bouquet. it would be easy to just do the bride's, she said, and it would be sentimental. a gift for me.

then i went on a search for a new florist, always defaulting back to her for help, advice and negotations.

fast forward about three months...she is graciously, kindly, wonderfully doing the flowers for our wedding. not for free, mind you, that would be too great a favor to even think of asking. but for the cost of the flowers and two wedding-day helpers, she will be handling all things floral.

i would be lying if i said that i don't still have small, nagging reservations about this in the back of my head. i can hardly say that i don't like what she is envisioning or, worse, voice any displeasure if things don't turn out how i asked. luckily that hasn't been an issue, but true to form, i can't help but worry about it anyway.

but, then i remind myself that the flowers will truly be a labor of love. and, like so many other things, i've decided that with 29 days left till the "big day", i've decided that as long as mister and i end up hitched at the end of the day...thats the point of a wedding anyway, right?

have you let friends or family handle an important part of your wedding?

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