Thursday, July 23, 2009

*Tap, Tap*...Is This Thing On?

well, hi there, interwebs!

i'm linds.

i'm getting married in 30 days.

its the final countdown! did that song just start playing in your head?

though there a few things i would like to keep secret from the world wide web, i will tell you now that this used to be a wedding blog. for probably two months.

then, i

because 1. i love to read wedding blogs and 2. my story was not nearly as interesting, i deleted it. went back to quietly planning our little party.

since then, a lot has happened. and, i have a feeling a lot more is going to happen in the next 30 days and beyond, so...hey! i'm back. with things to say that i think are worthwhile to share with the world.

let me walk you through the roller coaster ride that has been our last 200 days or so..and maybe you'll stay on for another go around the tracks after the rings are on and the cake is cut.

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